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Virtual Dragons, Aliens , and more!

Presented by Science Tellers!

Dragons: Return of the Ice Sorceress
A long time ago, in a faraway land, two brave villagers go on a daring journey to release the dragons and save the kingdom from an evil Ice Sorceress. When things don’t go as planned, however, the kids might need to look to themselves — and to science! — for the answer. Don’t miss this fun fantasy adventure featuring awesome dry ice experiments as special effects!

Dragons Jr
A long time ago in a faraway land, two kids meet a friendly dragon. Together, the three friends fly across the countryside and have all sorts of adventures! They play hide and seek, follow a trail of mysterious magic bubbles, and discover that with a little perseverance even a bashful dragon can learn to breathe fire. Along the way, find out how we can use science experiments to bring the story to life!

Episode 1: Lost & Found
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Episode 2: Bubble Trouble
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Episode 3: Finding Fire
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Episodes 1-3 Combined
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Aliens: Escape from Earth
During a midnight meteor shower, something mysterious falls from the sky — but it’s not a shooting star. Two curious kids venture into the forest to investigate and find themselves mixed up with visitors from another planet! Pursued by a zany space scientist, they must rescue the aliens and get them back to their spaceship — before it’s too late! Don’t miss this action-packed alien adventure using amazing science experiments as special effects. It's out of this world!

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